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Email Marketing Services

There is no place more competitive than a consumers inbox. Does your SMTP Service provider helping you reach there?

Ensuring mails are delivered to inbox is like with most things, it is partly science and partly art. You have done a nice job handling the science piece of sending emails by implementing proper best practices from server config, server performance, best data center to a general reputation measurement. But still mails do not reach as you intended! Why..?

The other side of the coin is the art of improving your sending performance per ISP along with the probability of inbox delivery. This is an intentionally dynamic landscape comprised of filters, ISP discretion, thresholds and unpredictable user behaviour (designating you as spam). It requires constant monitoring comprised of tools, people and actions.

NetGains cloud-based highly scalable and cost-effective promotional and transactional mail SMTP Service for businesses and developers relieves them of cost and complexity of maintaining email system. NetGains email marketing service platform popularly known as M3C takes care off every aspect.

email marketing services

Statistics, extrapolations and counting by Radicati Group from April 2010 estimate the number of emails sent per day (in 2010) to be around 294 billion. Out of which 90% of are SPAM and VIRUS. If gmail, yahoo, rediff want to keep their FREE email services running and keep user hooked to their mailbox, imagine the pain that they must be taking to ensure that such junk is filtered out without hurting a genuine mail!

So ensuring a mail reaches inbox is an art only experts like NetGains who have mastered. Over the years NetGains has worked closely with various free email service providers and have built a reputation for themselves. This has resulted into our IPs getting whitelisted. Which effectively means Better Inbox Delivery and better RoI. The SMTP Service platform can be accessed using..

  • API/Web Service

  • SMTP Relay

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