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Bounced mail Categories:

  • Hard Bounce

    The email server was unable to deliver your message. (ie. 550 Mailbox not found)

  • Soft Bounce

    The email server temporarily cannot deliver your message. (ie. Mailbox size exceeds quota, Host not found)

  • Transient Bounce

    The email server temporarily cannot deliver your message, but it is still trying. (ie. Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours. Will keep trying until message is 2 days old)

  • Mail Block

    Notification that the recipient's email server is blocking email from your email server. (ie. 554 Client host rejected)

  • Subscribe

    Someone is requesting to be added to your opt-in email list.

  • Unsubscribe/Remove

    Recipient is requesting to be removed from future email from you. Auto-Reply: An automatic response from recipient. (ie. Out Of Office, Vacation Message)

  • Challenge-Response

    Challenge-Response email systems were created as a reaction to the increasing circulation of spam.

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eMail Hosting: Business email Services

NetGains SecureMail delivers Exchange-level Business email services, Collaboration tools, eMail Sync and instant messaging. Unlike Microsoft Exchange hosting, Zimbra the administrative tasks are much easier to execute and WebMail Service is Outlook like and very intutive. It's complete cloud email solution.

Today with the rapid evolution of mobile phones, laptops and tabs, users expectations from their Business email services have also been going up! Few years before company email was all about simple POP3/SMTP services configured in the users Outlook and at rare times a user would access his email using WebMail.

But today's globe trotting, gadget savvy users are expecting that their business email should be accessible from their desktop, Smartphone, tablet and home computer. Not just this they expect Collaboration tools like notes, calanders, tasks, address books should synchronize seemlessely across mail clients and devices. NetGains Business email services have been able to keep up with this break neck evolution pace of these devices and demands.

NetGains Business email services is the best email service with unmatched features like email sync, browser independent, device independent WebMail, Collaboration tools, Messanger, Archival and is affordable Microsoft Exchange alternative for businesses

Cloud email

NetGains cloud email hosting service is based on Enterprise Grade Dell Equalogic platform and VMWare hosted in leading Tier III Data Center. The infrastructure is managed by Dell Engineers and NetGains NOC 24x7. With high performance SAN, High Availablity using VMWare VMotion it's the best email service offering on the market.

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" I have been able to offer feature rich email experience, rock solid reliability and Support to my users with NetGains cloud email solution "

- Shrikant Sawant


NetGains cloud email service comes packed with an intuitive interface similar to Outlook/ Microsoft Exchange. Outlook/ Microsoft Exchange Hosting users will start with no training!

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AntiSpam / Email Spam Filtering

NetGains SecureMail Solution delivers legitimate email with unmatched accuracy and speed. Powered by Skeptic predictive technology, we provide enterprise-grade spam filtering solution for your business.

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Email Collaboration Tools

We offer fully integrated business collaboration tools such as document management, contact management, calendars, tasks and notes that help your team scale productivity.

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Email Sync on Mobile Devices

Communicate effortlessly with your smartphones and tablets including Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows mobile devices. With synchronization features it is easy to access your calendars, contacts, tasks and notes on the go.

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With web-based admin panel, administrators can access on-demand statistics for servers, server load, mailboxes, inbound connections, configure mail server as well as an dperform routine maintenance task, remotely from any otherlocation.

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Equipped with built-in encryption and self-updating virus protection features, your email communication is made secured against malicious script authentication and brute force detection.

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Email Archiving Solution

Email archival takes care of all your business' historical emails.Meeting SOX, HIPPA and other regulatory requirements, our email archival feature allows administrators to quickly search and restore messages and attachments.

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