Business Email Collaboration Tools | Enterprise-class collaboration features from NetGains Technologies

Business Email Collaboration Tools

NetGains Business email collaboration tools help your organization increase performance and productivity. Users don’t just email, they do more such as schedule meetings, update contacts list, track routine tasks and follow-ups. In short, it ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Our powerful collaboration server is engineered to help you connect with popular email clients like Outlook and mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

Intuitive Calendaring & Scheduling

Recognizing the importance of managing your busy schedule, SecureMail’s intuitive calendaring and scheduling feature empowers your organization to collaborate and organize teams like never before. Users can drag and drop schedules into their calendar and view their teams’ schedules quickly and easily.

Mobile Email support & Synchronization for communicating on-the-go

With NetGains Business Mail empowers users to communicate and collaborate seamlessly across mobile platforms. This is enabled by our Exchange ActiveSync collaboration and synchronization technology that ensures that your email, contacts and calendar are synchronized. Work in collaboration by keeping your contacts up to date, receive and respond instantly to appointment requests and calendar reminders. Now you can stay connected to your business and collaborate from anywhere.

Complete contact management, including attachment, meeting and email history

Complete contact management features include the ability to record and search for contacts, track conversations with a contact, manage appointments, view documents and attachments, etc., all with a click of a button. You can even share contacts list with other in .CSV or vCard format.

Share calendars, tasks, contacts, notes and more

With our collaboration server your company can solve routine collaboration problems. Users can easily create and share calendar, tasks, notes, folders, documents and files among teams or groups.

Support for large and small desktop clients

NetGains business collaboration tools support Exchange Web Services in place of the deprecated MAPI technology for synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook for Windows and Mac and Apple Mail. Additionally, it also features built-in supports for CalDAV, CardDAV, SharePoint Sync, SyncML, IMAP and POP. This means that our service can easily support legacy Outlook and Outlook Express, and third party email clients such as Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mailing lists Management for Email Distributions

You can now easily send mass email to your customers regarding latest product updates and releases, special discounts, etc., with NetGains’ mailing list feature. It includes tools to efficiently distribute and manage opt-in email lists to large groups of contacts. In addition, the bounced emails are automatically detected and removed for better management of mailing list.