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Penetration Testing

A penetration test determines how well your organization's security policies protect your assets by trying to gain access to your network and information assets in the same way a hacker would. Tests can range from an overview of the security environment to attempted "hacking" with the intent of obtaining investigative information. The NetGains penetration test will reveal:

  • How difficult it is to obtain data from outside of the netw ork
  • Which information is at risk
  • What measures should be implemented to protect your assets

A penetration test subjects a system to real-world attacks selected and conducted by our security staff. The benefit of a penetration test is to identify the extent to which a system can be compromised before an actual determined attack. Our test results will either show you where you to need enhance your security, or let you know that you should sleep better at night. Only a real penetration test can simulate what would happen if a determined hacker were to attack your organization.

Since NetGains monitors and protects hundreds of networks including many in financial services, healthcare and utilities, we have deep expertise in attacks and exploits used against mission critical assets. In fact, the NetGains attack database contains just over one billion attacks that we have prevented. This means that when we conduct a penetration test on your network, we know what attacks are out there, and which are the most commonly used against institutions like yours. Our tests are finely tuned using this unique expertise and this translates into a more focused, cost effect penetration test.