SecureMail Service Provider from Mumbai, India | Protects Emails from Virus & Security Threats


NetGains SecureMail has several antivirus enhancements that prevent the mail server from being compromised, including support for incoming and outgoing SSL/TLS connections, administrator access restriction by IP, intrusion detection (IDS), active directory authentication, harvest attack detection, denial of service (DOS) attack prevention, malicious script authentication and brute force detection.

Industry-standard antivirus software at no extra charge

SecureMail is equipped with effective and self-updating virus protection measures to ensure mail server security out-of-the-box. With ClamAV antivirus, detailed antivirus activity reports are available at the system, domain, and user levels. In addition, the ClamAV signature database is updated multiple times a day and contains more than 300,000 signatures, including generic signatures that are able to detect new variants at a high rate.

Easily protect your server from malicious activity

SecureMail's built-in intrusion detection system monitors the mail server for malicious activity. Once a security threat is identified, the system will automatically take action to block the attack and ensure mail server security.

Ban weak passwords

Set and enforce password rules to decrease the likelihood that the security of a user’s mailbox will be breached. Then use the password compliance report to identify accounts that don’t meet the updated password requirements and send them a request to change their passwords.

Quarantine suspect emails

SecureMail allows system administrators to quarantine any emails that ClamAV or any third-party antivirus solution flagged as suspect. This allows administrators to inspect messages and possibly remove them from the server altogether. In addition, administrators can notify message recipients of the potential threats from suspect messages rather than having recipients wonder about any lost emails.