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Bounce Mail Logger (BML)

One of the key factors which impacts deliverability is poor or inadequate bounce handling for non-existent users. By this we mean, when yahoo, gmail, rediff, hotmail and many other corporate mail server generate errors like “this user no longer exists”, “user not found”, “no such user”, or some variation of that message. Are you equipped to act upon these errors?

Many of the larger ISPs give your incoming email a rating which is based on, among other things, how many non-existent or no-longer existing email addresses you send to, and how often you keep trying to send to the same address once your system has been told that it doesn’t exist. If you send to the same non-existent address more than a couple of times, that’s considered poor practice.

Bounced Mails can be handled if the mails are few but when the mail volume is high manual becomes impossible. BML was designed to handle preciously the same thing With SEBi and IT Act 2000 making it clear that if a mail is NOT delivered it should be PRINTED and delivered physically, BML gained compliance importance.

BML Features

  • Identification of the precise reason for the bounced mails
  • Recognizes more than 600 formats of bounced mails and newer formats are being constantly updated.
  • Processes thousands of non-delivery reports per minute.
  • Allows integration with any digital contract signing software.
  • The bounced mail is categorized into Hard & soft bounce. The hard bounce is permanent failure and soft, the temporary.
  • Along with indication of hard or soft it gives a detailed reason for bounce like mailbox unavailable, mailbox full etc.

Key Benefits

  • The generated log provides details of contract number, client, date and time of all the contracts that bounce.
  • With the proper error message and it’s reason it becomes easier to take action on invalid address.
  • Assists in smooth flow of emails by ensuring that the mailing list is clean.
  • Optimum user benefit
  • 100% foolproof solution in detecting bounced mails

Legal adherence

It tackles the issue of non-delivery of mails by maintaining a detailed log of the resulting bounced mails, as per SEBI mandate.

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Bounced mail Categories:

  • Hard Bounce

    The email server was unable to deliver your message. (ie. 550 Mailbox not found)

  • Soft Bounce

    The email server temporarily cannot deliver your message. (ie. Mailbox size exceeds quota, Host not found)

  • Transient Bounce

    The email server temporarily cannot deliver your message, but it is still trying. (ie. Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours. Will keep trying until message is 2 days old)

  • Mail Block

    Notification that the recipient's email server is blocking email from your email server. (ie. 554 Client host rejected)

  • Subscribe

    Someone is requesting to be added to your opt-in email list.

  • Unsubscribe/Remove

    Recipient is requesting to be removed from future email from you. Auto-Reply: An automatic response from recipient. (ie. Out Of Office, Vacation Message)

  • Challenge-Response

    Challenge-Response email systems were created as a reaction to the increasing circulation of spam.

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