Transactional Email & Messaging Service Provider Mumbai

Transactional Mailing

M3C provides a rock solid cloud based scalable infrastructure for sending single-recipient transactional emails.

Examples of transactional emails are order confirmations, Trade confirmation, appointment reminders, "be my friend" requests on social networking sites, and other single-recipient email messages that are result of a transaction between the sending organization and the recipient.

M3C sends transactional emails in two ways:

  • Via the API/Web Service
  • Via the M3C SMTP Relay

M3C's transactional messaging reporting allows a user to view reporting data, such as Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes, Bounces, and Complaints

What are the benefits?

Typically, organizations send transactional emails either manually using a desktop or web-based email program) or through server-side scripting on a web page. The email message is routed through an SMTP server to the recipient.

There are many advantages to using NetGains M3C

  • Authentication: The transactional emails are signed with DomainKeys and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).
  • Reporting: The transactional emails are tagged such that Open Tracking and Click Tracking data is available on the email messages.
  • Compliance: The transactional emails are checked against your account's unsubscribe and bounce lists, ensuring that emails are not sent to recipients that do not want emails from your organization. This saves you money and makes sure that you are following CAN-SPAM requirements.
  • Deliverability: The email messages can be routed through our high-reputation sending IP addresses. Additionally, if your account qualifies, your email messages may be routed through servers whitelisted with the gMail, Yahoo IPs (additional cost may apply).