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eSigner.NET - Digital Contract & Mailing software
A Multi-utility software – signs, encrypts & mails

NetGains eSigner.NET is a Digital Contract & Mailing software performing multiple functions of digitally signing the documents, encrypting and subsequently mailing the documents to the clients’ email address.

Being purely web-based, it has easy accessibility from anywhere anytime. Its efficient and complex engine empowers it to easily send up to 60000 contracts per hour. Using its own SMTP Gateway, this software frees itself from being dependent upon MS Outlook / Express. Its built-in archival feature is another unique characteristic of this software. The encryption is 100% foolproof and is immune to any brute force.

    eSigner.NET Features

  • Signing and encryption of mail is done in totality – entire mail along with the attachments is signed and encrypted
  • Supports delivery reports
  • Attached and Detached methods for digital signing and Class III certificates fully supported
  • Multiple document support (Any time of TXT, HTML, PDF files can be processed)
  • Multiple Exchange Support (NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX etc)
  • Support for multiple Digital certificates and facility to assign certificate to Exchange
  • Multi-user role based access provides granular control
  • eSigner.NET has its own SMTP gateway and does not depend upon IIS SMTP or Outlook to send mails.
  • Besides sending documents it has facility to publish those documents over Web to meet compliance requirements.
  • Built-in automated data archival
  • Scanning and storing of courier PODs, wherever applicable.
  • Integration with BML easy.

Legal adherence & Compliance Issues

eSigner.NET has complete adherence to various SEBI, NSE, BSE & IT guidelines and compliance issues with respect to signing, encryption and security.

eSigner.NET client end requirements

  • Decryption with a simple WinZip 9.1 or above – verifying utility not required
  • Uses S/MIME (Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) protocol for signing and encryption
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Key Benefits:

  • Cost efficient

    Drastic cost reduction pertaining to printing, couriering and storing

  • Easy accessibility

    Contracts are made easily available over mail as well as web

  • Time Saver

    Thousands of documents are digitally signed, encrypted and mailed in a short time.