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Dba As Service

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Key advantages of Database Administration as a Service™ include

  • Immediate return on investment (Savings greater than 40%)

  • Predictable fixed, monthly cost

  • IT Bandwidth support expanded without increasing headcount

  • Existing IT resources refocused on more strategic initiatives

  • Database monitoring tools included in fixed, monthly cost

  • 100s of years of collective database administration expertise from NetGains’s team Around-the-clock support for customer databases that are critical to performance of business applications

  • 99.99% service level guarantee

  • Reduced staff turnover and burnout

  • Highly scalable, on-demand DBA services that are there when needed Elimination of recruitment costs

  • Elimination of training and certification costs

  • Elimination of “soft cost” overhead expenses

  • Improved database performance translates into mission-critical applications running better

  • Increased security, compliance and governance best practices

  • Increased database administration best practices