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NetGains Technologies has developed software products which are matchless in terms of technology and user-convenience.

We have a unique portfolio of solutions which is being recognized by our target-clients as the most cost-effective solutions to invest in. This faith reposed by our customers is a boost for encouraging new ideas and developing innovative cutting-edge products.

  • Bounce Mail

    One of the key factors which impacts deliverability is poor or inadequate bounce handling for non-existent users.

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  • Enquiry Manager

    In today’s economy, sales isn’t about taking orders—it’s about taking control of every...

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    NetGains eSigner.NET is a Digital Contract & Mailing software performing multiple..

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  • Web Filer

    WebFiler is a web based file management tool for storing, managing and sharing files..

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  • Multi Channel
    Communication Center

    A broker or a financial institution usually uses multiple software to carry out various tasks.These softwares use their own communication gateways and hence the

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  • Stocks

    StocksOnline is software which web-enables certain reports from the back office s/w being used by the client.

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