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Web-based Administration

SmarterMail’s Web-based administration interface provides system administrators remote access to the mail server from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Administrators can quickly and securely manage configuration and mail server maintenance tasks, while recurring tasks can easily be automated through exposed Web services.

Create multiple administrator accounts for sharing management duties and tasks

Hosting companies and businesses with SmarterMail can provide administrator access to the mail server without having to share the same login information. Combined with IP blocking, this feature allows the primary administrator to provide administrative access to those that need it while limiting login to specific IP ranges or locations.

Real-time dashboards for on-demand statistics

SmarterMail includes detailed, real-time performance dashboards that supply system administrators with important, on-demand statistics about their servers, domains, and mailboxes, including inbound connections, server load, and total messages delivered.

View how well the server is performing

With dozens of pre-defined reports, SmarterMail provides critical statistics that help system and domain administrators monitor their systems. The ability to drill down into new data levels for every domain or user on the system helps administrators identify trends, manage costs, and effectively allocate resources..

Enforce company-wide signature policies

System administrators that want to enforce corporate governance across webmail and email clients can configure consistent signatures and domain-wide footers with disclaimer text or any other information that’s needed.

Take control of the mail spool with throttling

Throttling is an effective method for managing large mailing list distributions to avoid interruptions or delays in normal email flow. When used in conjunction with SmarterMail’s event-driven architecture, actions can be automated to prevent abuse in real-time.

Automate system tasks for round-the-clock administration

System administrators can use the mail server software’s event-driven architecture to automate a variety of system tasks, such as adding an IP block into the router when an intrusion is detected, disabling a domain or user based upon throttling thresholds, or notifying administrators when a service is not responding.

Use web services for integration and automation

With Web services, companies can integrate SmarterMail with external applications such as control panels to reduce costs and automate tasks, including creating mailboxes and domains, creating and modifying settings for mailboxes, domains, or entire servers, and determining domain-specific bandwidth usage for billing.

Prioritize email delivery to minimize delays

Email delivery can be more effectively managed by setting priorities based upon domains or email types. Process-intensive email traffic can be assigned a lower priority, allowing regular emails to process first and avoiding unnecessary delays. Emailed notifications can be assigned higher priority to ensure that important information is delivered quickly.

Automatic password retrieval for locked-out users

Make it easy for users to regain access to their account when they forget their password with the new password retrieval option in SmarterMail. When enabled, users that can’t remember their password will receive an email to their backup email address with instructions on resetting their password—keeping system administrators free to manage other aspects of the mail server.

Detailed logging available on all aspects of the server

BusinessMail logs all system actions and allows administrators to search through log files quickly. By providing access to mail server log files via a Web-based log viewer, BusinesMail saves a company’s IT department time and money.