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Web Site Design
Information Gathering

Phase One : Information Gathering

The first step in designing a successful web site is to gather information. Many things need to be taken into consideration when the look and feel of your site is created.

This first step is actually the most important one, as it involves a solid understanding of the company it is created for. It involves a good understanding of you ??? what your business goals and dreams are, and how the web can be utilized to help you achieve those goals.

Our web designer start off by asking a lot of questions to help them understand your business and your needs in a web site. It is important to provide maximum input to our designer at this time.

Certain things to consider are:

  • Purpose

    What is the purpose of the site? Do you want to provide information, promote a service, sell a product????

  • Goals

    What do you hope to accomplish by building this web site? Two of the more common goals are either to make money or share information.

  • Target Audience

    Is there a specific group of people that will help you reach your goals? It is helpful to picture the ???ideal??? person you want to visit your web site. Consider their age, sex or interests ??? this will later help determine the best design style for your site.

  • Content

    What kind of information will the target audience be looking for on your site? Are they looking for specific information, a particular product or service, online ordering????