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NetGains Technologies has developed website www.jaadoomail.com where email addresses can be automatically created and given to the clients. These email addresses can be used to forward the digital contracts. Normally all the clients do not have a personal email address. Even if they have one, they do not regularly log into their account and hence the account expires. So there arise problems of bounced mails. There are other problems like spams, viruses, mail rejection etc if one sends contract on personal portals like yahoo, rediff, etc. One also cannot get delivery receipts in such cases as these mail servers do not support the same.

In order to overcome such problems we create and give you email accounts where there is no expiry to any client account, spam-free, virus-free and ‘delivery receipt’ is enabled. We also store the electronic contracts of the clients for a year so that if the client requires it for any Income Tax returns purpose he can directly get the data from his email address.

JaadooMail mailing solution has been implemented for number of our valued clients where we created

Why JaadooMail ?

  • Designed to meet SEBI guidelines for emailing digital contracts.
  • Automatic creation of multiple mailboxes (Suitable for large number of mailboxes).
  • Automatic deletion of mailboxes.
  • Automatic deletion of mails after specific intervals. (Ensures optimum mail space utilization).
  • No need to access mailbox regularly.
  • SMTP Logs retained for over 6 months.
  • Complete administrative control over the domain.
  • Guaranteed Spam & Virus free Service.


  • Exchange-wise/ settlement-wise mail sent report

  • Exchange-wise/ settlement-wise mail delivery report

  • Exchange-wise/ settlement-wise bounced mail report.

  • Customized reports as per requirement/

  • Reconciliation report.

  • Processes thousands of non-delivery reports per minute.

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