Vulnerability Scanning Service from NetGains Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Vulnerability Scanning Service

In a world where hackers are knocking at your door 24/7, keeping a regular network vulnerability scanning schedule is a must. A vulnerability analysis can alert you to potential exposures and weaknesses in your network before a hacker takes advantage of them.

A vulnerability scan evaluates all aspects of your network and identifies any potential holes a hacker could exploit. The Vulnerability Scanning Service from NetGains analyzes every IP address, computer, server and device on your network including: desktops, web server platforms, mail servers, routers, switches, and hubs. You get a detailed explanation of the recommended fix for each vulnerability. This allows you to proactively fortify your network.

Service Overview

NetGains Vulnerability Scanning Service identifies exposures and weak spots within your network through powerful internal and external scanning. As a client-driven service, you have full control of scanning parameters and scheduling through the NetGains Portal. With our Vulnerability Scanning Service, scans can be run on-demand or scheduled to meet your needs. Scans can also be run continuously to provide constant, proactive identification of vulnerabilities.

All Vulnerability Scanning results are correlated with the criticality of your assets to prioritize exposures and remediation. NetGains advanced correlation engine can correlate events to detected vulnerabilities from our scanning solution and via the iSecure import functionality. Additionally, iSecure scans can be scheduled by clients through the NetGains Portal.

You will receive executive reports that include trending and comparative analyses as well as detailed reports based on real-time information via the NetGains Portal,. As with all of our security services, NetGains Vulnerability Scanning Service are implemented quickly so that you can immediately begin eliminating exposures and improving your security posture.


  • Internal and external network scans
  • Web-based reports delivered securely to any web browser
  • Asset discovery
  • Scans all 65,000 ports (not just the first 16,000)
  • Trending information
  • Prioritized remediation recommendations
  • Proprietary Vulnerability Score for a quick understanding of how the vulnerability posture has changed since the last scan
  • Pricing equivalent to one-time annual consulting project